He is Jealous for Me

He is Jealous for Me

We have been walking the Camino de Santiago now for two days, the first day was 19 miles and today was 12 miles in the freezing rain.  It’s been a tough few days walking for an entire day with a big pack on my back, I just assumed the Camino was an easy thing but it’s not.


Neil shared something with me today that really hit me to my core and resonated deep in my soul.

He is jealous for me.

It was that simple.  He is jealous for me.

God’s love is outrageous.
God’s love is pure.
God’s love is perfect.
God’s love is.

God reminded me that it’s our relationship that He desires, communion with my spirit and my spirit focused on Him.

His love is here to set me free.

Today, I was struggling on the Camino with quite a few different things… It was raining, cold and a little depressing.  I didn’t sleep at all last night because I was laying on the concrete in a Spanish gymnasium.  I was just attacked for the most part by the accuser.  I always hear his voice speaking words of accusation and doubt into my mind.  Those questions that start with “Are you sure…”

Neil came beside me in that time as I opened up to him about everything and after I was done he immediately prayed for me.  I started crying because of how much it impacted me.  It was a very healing prayer for me from a brother who is walking so strong in the Holy Spirit.

After that we started praying, thanking Jesus and calling ourselves warriors as we marched along the way.

Later, I was walking alone without anyone around and God began speaking to me about being a warrior and how warriors press on.

I began yelling a prayer in tongues what I felt to be a warrior chant.

It was incredible as I walked through some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen.


I found myself laughing at how incredible God’s created His creation.

He’s shifting the way I’ve become comfortable in connecting with Him, stretching me to connect with Him in new ways.  Because He loves me. Stretching and showing me that I am rooted in His love, that I can endure anything through communion with His Spirit. Because He loves me.

His love is unchanging.

I have such a small selfish focus and God’s love is stretching my perspective into a Kingdom focus.

I’ve been asking God to show me why I am on the Camino, the team is here to connect, grow in unity and learn how to lead ourselves well but God has a purpose specifically for me as well.

God’s love is unique.

God, bring your Kingdom and focus my heart on You.  Help me to have daily communion with your Spirit and always see the hope you’ve given me through faith.  Thank you Jesus.  Thank you God.  Thank you Holy Spirit.

  • Chills. So beautiful. Your dedication to share your story and process is super admirable. Thanks for being consistent mr

    • Thanks for always being here for me and keeping me in place! Looking forward to your response on my next blog!

  • God is so good 🙂 those views are incredible, but if only you could capture the beauty that God is doing in your heart, bro! It’s even more stunning than those fields and the sky. You’re a conqueror! Praying for more of all that *points in your general direction* 🙂

  • Wow, I love this. Keep walking it out:) Praying for you!

  • Hang on! God is coming and we are coming! This thing that starts with blood, sweat and tears ends in a dance.

    • Hoping I can dance once this thing is over. Ready for you guys to be here for sure.

  • Sammie Jo

    I just wrote something very similar to this in my journal this morning before I read this. Thank you for sharing and aiding in helping it become more of a reality. Keep singing that warrior chant brother!

  • Jillyfish

    Yippee! We are victors because He is the Victor! You are such an inspiration. And your photos are breathtaking! Wow!

  • Ruth Grant

    Hugh- Hello again. This wee blog is beautiful. I love the way you share whats on your heart and in such an honest way. Don’t doubt dude!! God is for you!! He has an awesome plan for you!! Yep, the accuser knows how to attack us- but Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the LIFE” . The accuser tries always to bring death- death to the plans god has for us, death to our confidence in Jesus, he uses the same old same old, so rise up! Be the warrior God is calling you to be!! Tell the devil to get lost! He is jealous for you and will not let anything stand in the way of his plan , just stay focused on Jesus!

    Looking forward to reading how you get on.

    • Thanks for continuing to follow me Ruth. I was thinking about you when I met an Irish man recently. I know you are Scotish but I don’t know the difference yet. Thanks so much.

  • Amanda Kay

    yes. yes. yes. you are a warrior for sure. i am legit super proud of you and am blessed to have seen your journey so far. i love the way that you are so honest about what God is doing in your life and how he is stretching you. this is just so fabulous. love you a lot hughsef. keep pushing. this is one great journey.
    p.s. those pictures… UN-FREAKING-REAL. love it!

    • Thanks Amanda! I just got this one. Super encouraging. Miss you so much.