Coffee Shop vs Corporate Office

Relationships in the Corporate Business World

In March we had the pleasure of hearing one of the master roasters of Starbucks coffee come out to speak with us at Schoffstall Farms in Harrisburg, PA and he introduced us to the word avad. Avad is a Hebrew word used all throughout the Bible that is almost always translated as to work or to serve.  

But in Exodus 3:12 it is written like this from God speaking to Moses: “When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship [avad] God on this mountain.”

God has begun to shift the paradigm of what I used to believe was secular work into His heart of constantly serving Him in everything that I do. The idea of separating secular and God wasn’t how He designed life but  the two should all be viewed as one.  How else are we supposed to pray continuously?

Being free graffiti in Kathmandu, Nepal 

While we were with the mentors in Spain, we talked about this reality of how work can be a form of worshiping God and how to include Him and bring Him glory in all that you are doing.  Your spiritual life should never be separated from the workplace but actually incorporated.

As the idea was beginning to sink in, the team went to Egypt and met with a pastor there whom I’ve shared about in another blog. He has begun to train Egyptians in entrepreneurship and has actually opened a coffee shop that gives all the profits to street kids there.  A quote that really stood out to me from that week with him was:

More people are coming to know Christ through business than anything else.

That’s a challenging reality – challenging the idea of how we’ve done short-term mission trips!

It’s a long-term focus that moves you past a 2-week trip in the heart of Africa into a mindset of how can I worship God in my daily work?  (I still say GO to Africa!)

The reality is that the relationships you build are crucial to spreading the love of the Gospel.  The secular workplace then becomes a spiritual church where you find yourself seeing the Holy Spirit in your daily life.

If you’re listening, He can change your Corporate cubical into a sacred space where work still takes place but your mind isn’t turned off from hearing Him guide your life.

A coffee shop isn’t the only place to be relational.

Relationships in the Corporate Business World

Everyone desires relationship – everyone!  By knowing that simple truth, we are called to live in a place of unhindered relationship with the people around us by listening for prophetic words during your office hours, sharing a testimony of your trip to Uganda or about what God spoke to you over morning coffee.  Your friendships with people who truly care about you and your life will only grow from sharing these things.  As you build your relationship more and more God opens up more doors for you to be able to share incredible things that are happening in your life. Move past the surface level work-talk to a personal relationship about where are you at in your life, go deeper with people.

Relationship in the corporate sector is just as important as the coffee shops.

I’m not asking you to convert the world, I’m just challenging you to not leave your spiritual relationship at the door of your office.

Have any of you seen this modeled where you work?  What does the idea of relationship in business look like in the places you work?

  • Jill Schulenberg

    YES!!!! A thousand times, yes! This is everything God has been teaching me since I’ve been home from the Race, it makes me so happy to read these words out of your mouth 🙂 I’m also reading a book about this right now, too, so this theme is everywhere in my life. Maybe God is trying to say something to me? Yay. Thanks for sharing this Hughbert

    • Maybe God is trying to tell you something, what do you feel like it is? Get into the Corporate world? Are you going to go back and become a doctor or something?

  • WoeiJing Emily Teng

    Love this! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Alys Seay

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all caught hold of this vision? Seriously, what would our world look like if we all did this? It blows my mind to think about it.

    • I have no idea what the world would look like… seems crazy to even think that big to me. It’s something that’s going to reshape our boxes that we’ve put ministry into though.

  • seth_barnes

    Great revelation and a good challenge, Hugh!

    • It’s been an incredible Kingdom journey so far… I’m sure more is coming.