Climbing the Levels of My Spiritual Life

Climbing the Levels of My Spiritual Life

Kingdom Journeys is less than a week from launching in Spain with a marathon and walking the Camino de Santiago.  I am currently in Spain with Justin and we are exploring the country a little bit before the launch.  Hoping to get some time to listen to the Lord about what He is wanting to do in our lives while we are in this country.

He spoke to me yesterday as I was running around the city of Alicante and running up to a castle on the hill overlooking the ocean.


God spoke to me as I was exploring the castle and walking on the walls.

He said:

Your spiritual journey will be like the levels of this castle.  When you were running up to the entrance, it was completely tiring but you knew that you wanted to get to the castle.  Once you made it inside, you explored the new parts of the castle but you never lost sight of the top.  You knew you wanted to make it to the look-out point at the top.  Finally you made it to the highest point and you were able to see the city from the clearest perspective.


So it will be with Kingdom Journeys.  It will be a struggle as you enter new parts of your own spiritual castle but you will make it to the top and have a clear perspective.


Walk this path with me.  I am your strength.


Lately I have really been struggling to receive God’s love and His grace.  Glenn Steers, a mentor, has really been providing so much wisdom and incite into how to move forward in life.  Sometimes find myself struggling to realize the amount of love that God has for us.  The amount of love Jesus had for us when He died and what that accomplished in the Spiritual realm that surrounds us.

I am a new creation, this I know.  I am a son and an heir.

Sometimes I just forget that truth and get lost in my own flesh, but Jesus is always there by my side.  He is walking through everything with me.  He gave me a new spirit.

I’ve been constantly reading through Romans 6, 7, 8… Digging into the truth of grace and love.  Dealing with my own fleshly desires for the world but knowing that there is no condemnation.  Constantly reminding myself that God has given me a new heart like it says in Ezekiel and believing that is the truth about how God sees me.

He doesn’t see my sin and my sin is not the biggest part of my life.

As we launch a new leadership development program with Adventures in Missions, God has huge plans in store.  This month in Spain is designed to teach us how to lead ourselves, so we can go into the world and lead others.

God has been bringing up tons of wounds, struggles and problems in my past because He wants me to deal with them.

The Camino is a sacred space to do a sacred work in the hearts of all the men involved with Kingdom Journeys.

God, move.


  • Dad

    I know that God is going to reveal himself to you in a new way the next several months

  • Excited to see where this adventure takes us!

  • Jillyfish

    So glad I get to follow your journey through your blogs 🙂 and I agree with Seth – eager to see where this adventure leads! Miss you bro. Praying vision, peace and his mindblowing love over you today! 🙂

  • That is such a cool picture… castles are just awesome. And I agree with Jill, I am very excited to follow your adventure through your blogs. I can only imagine what this journey will do in bringing you even deeper into the Father’s heart. Praying strength, surrender, and joy for you!!! So much joy!