A Group of 12

A Group of 12

Kingdom Journeys is unique. We have six members, two staff coaches and four mentors on the field right now. Glace, one of the mentors, pointed out the fact that God has brought 12 men together to start Kingdom Journeys.

There were 12 tribes of Israel.

And, 12 sons of Jacob.

At age 12, Jesus first appeared at the temple.

Jesus chose 12 disciples.

All through out scripture God is foreshadowing and interlinking the Old and New Testament… Jesus died with a Psalm on His lips… Dietrich Bonhoeffer believed that the Old Testament is not superseded by the New Testament, but it is inextricably linked with it…

And, so here we are 12 men beginning anew for God’s Kingdom.

It blew me away when Glace pointed out the fact that we had 12 men.

Kingdom Journey men and mentors on the Camino de Santiago.

As I did some research on the number 12 in scripture throughout scripture, the number represents divine authority, appointment and completion.

We have 12 disciples of Jesus. In our start-up stage of Kingdom Journeys we know that God has given a vision, a promise land for the tribes of Israel. 12 men to change the world. Many things are uncertain but we know if we act in obedience to the Lord, we will enter the Promised Land. If we drop our nets and leave our boats, we will fish for men.

Seth has just arrived with us on the Camino de Santiago and we have been studying Luke 4.

In the beginning of Luke 4 we see Christ’s identity being tested by the devil. A test that Jesus encounters in the wilderness and a test that has destroyed many men. Masculinity’s identity has been challenged since the beginning.

Then, as Jesus aggressively fights for His identity we see Him step into His calling with boldness and authority. There’s so much happening in Luke 4 that we’ve spent 3 days on just that one chapter.

Having the mentors here has been incredible, older men bonding with the younger men is how it’s supposed to be. We shouldn’t be trying to do this thing on our own. I’m not saying we would fail, we might, but there is no reason to struggling on your own when you have the access to men who have already done it. Plus it’s so much fun to hear their stories, full of wisdom.

We’re walking on their foundation, their ceiling instead of building our own house. Thanks men!

  • Not a coincidence 🙂 that’s so awesome, Hugh. Soak in their wisdom and experiences. Praying for endurance and joy for you and the team.