Women’s Team Two


Millions of women around the globe daily face rape, inequality and physical violence. They are not nameless faces, they are not some sub-human group, they are human beings – deserving of respect and dignity.

Daughters, mothers, sisters and wives have been oppressed since the beginning of time itself. Many believe nothing can be done, that culture cannot be changed – but what if it could?

What if we could bring together some of the most fiery, passionate, mission-minded young   women and equip them with the guidance of some of the nation’s most accomplished and successful female leaders of faith?

If we could ask for God’s power, anointing, and wisdom to guide them as they embark to fight some of the world’s darkest problems afflicting women today?

And what if we could send them into the developing world to work alongside modern day heroes, abolitionists, and warriors battling for the plight of oppressed women around the world?

What if?

Meet Kingdom Journeys Women.

A group of driven and capable young women on a mission to proclaim freedom to their sisters around the world who have found themselves captive – they will serve as a voice for the voiceless. Our Kingdom Journeys Women will bring their diverse skill sets and giftings to come alongside organizations around the world who are empowering women; all while gleaning wisdom and insight from radical, Spirit-led women leaders who have been successful at initiating incredible organizations and building kingdom in all sorts of innovative ways.

If you or a young woman you know would like more information on how to join these pioneers on their 2015 kingdom-building mission, please contact us.