Men’s Team One

Meet our Team

Introducing the pioneer team of Kingdom Journeys.

Our team combines in a diverse way with experience in product design, video production, social media marketing and website production.  Most have traveled to 15+ countries and have experienced many different cultures.  We are a unique set of leaders who are learning from mentors and experiential learning.

Our KJ Men’s Team One focused on business development for ministries overseas. These men worked to “build ministry” not simply to “go on a mission trip.” These entrepreneurs worked to equip local ministries to scale their efforts and become sustainable long term in their own communities all over the world.



Justin is a graduate from Notre Dame with a degree in Industrial Design who has been working for Reebok designing shoes.  He quit his job to come on Kingdom Journeys and connect with God on a more intimate level before continuing his career.

Justin has an job on top of participating on Kingdom Journeys illustrating plants for National Geographic in Madagascar.

Check out more from Justin on his blog here.



Hugh has a degree in Business Administration from Stephen F Austin University and just recently returned from the World Race in December 2012.  He quit his job with Apple Corporate to pursue a life bigger than his own in 2011 and nothing has been the same.

He loves the outdoors and doing extreme sports.  He has been working at Adventures in Missions planning Kingdom Journeys since January.

Check out more from Hugh on his blog here.



Sunoh is a recent graduate from the University of Notre Dame where he studied Industial Design.

In his free time he does sculpting and boxing. Sunoh has done mission work with YWAM and his parents are currently serving in Hawaii.

Check out more from Sunoh on his blog here.



Zeb came back from the World Race in 2012 and it was then that he encouraged Seth to move forward with Kingdom Journeys.

He loves to do freelance writing and has been working doing social media marketing for Kingdom Journeys.

Check out more from Zebulun on his blog here.

  • Beka Joy Hull


  • W Craig Rowdon

    Hebrews 12:11 No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

    Press on.

  • Stacy Sublett

    praying for the Lord to do the work that he wants to do with you OFF the trail so you can get back on! Stay strong, listen well, and soak in His presence…

  • Damon Ghee

    Hugh, I appreciate your spirit and your confidence not to mention your cooking :]
    Hang in there. Praying for healing in those legs.

  • Alys Seay

    Hey Hugh… Yes, I remember Guatemala and yes, I remember what happened. Thanks for being in my life and following the Spirit:) Love ya bro!!

  • Helena Jordão

    Amazing! God is so good, and He honors your obedience as you listen to His leading 🙂 what would life look like if we always walked looking and listening? We’d have a lot more testimonies like this! So encouraging!

  • Sunoh Choe

    hahahha this is awesome. i had a bad experience giving away just one bag of chips to a group cause one bully just snatched the whole thing and ran off. lesson learned: bring more

  • Rynette

    How great is God’s love for this beautiful Rosa and all the other “Rosas”! And thank you for loving them! Love you and praying for you!

    • Meghan Tschanz

      Thanks Mama!

  • Peggy Moffitt Chantlos

    Lives change when you sit under the trees and listen to the story of a women that needs for someone to hear. Thank you for being there.

    • Meghan Tschanz

      Thanks Peggy! I have heard such wonderful things about you from Betty! You are an encouragement!

  • David Lewin

    Dang that’s good stuff! I wonder how to reach the men in ways that they could listen and learn to act differently.

    • Meghan Tschanz

      Ya David! Good question, keep asking God and I am sure he will tell you!