Leadership Development

Leadership Development

I’m on a 200 mile hike on the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. Here’s why:

For several years now, I’ve been dreaming about creating a high voltage leadership development experience for twenty-somethings. Our best young leaders need to have the opportunity to see what God is doing around the globe and to learn how to make a difference.

A few months ago, we started with a small group of men. The idea was to take half a year and to link a small group of guys with some of the most challenging kingdom dreams in the world while being mentored by top Christian leaders.

Kingdom Journeys develops leaders who will make a difference. We don’t teach young leaders in the safety of a classroom. Instead, we expose them to pain by throwing them into hard places and tough issues to see what that pressure reveals in them.

We want to impact their hearts as well as their minds. We believe the reality of a leper colony or a refugee camp can arouse the passion to make a difference. We bring world class leaders alongside them to mentor them and debrief them.

The process is one based on the experiential learning model that Jesus used with His disciples. We believe that kingdom-minded leaders can pave the way for God’s dreams to be built here on earth.

Participants are culled from a selective list of applicants. We call them associates. They bring leadership experience and a diverse skill set to the table. The training is rigorous. It includes interviews with top international leaders and in-depth preparation, that is followed by a 500 mile pilgrimage.

Our teams form an enterprise consulting group for Kingdom-minded businesses and ministries around the world.

The group offers and markets its services to overseas clients who have proven track records addressing their nation’s greatest problems.

-Seth Barnes

  • DC Carter

    Meghan — As I’ve said in previous correspondences: I really appreciate the honesty and inspiration that you share in your writings. I’ve made it a policy to share your blogs on my Facebook page each time. Thanks for all you do — you’re awesome!

  • Bethany Holland

    Meghan, this is incredible. I absolutely loved your words and like so many other women, I can relate! Thank you for being brave and honest! LOVE you!! 🙂

    • Meghan Tschanz

      Thanks Bethany. I am o so glad you can relate!