Whose lenses are you looking through?

We arrived in South Africa twelve days. Even if we tried to ignore its existence as we walked around Cape town it was impossible. There it stood, so gallantly inviting all who dared on a journey. Table Mountain can be seen from miles away.

I have seen Table mountain…and its pretty intimidating. I found myself thinking of all the wrong things that could happen in our five day hike and just about talked myself into believing I couldn’t do the hike.

Then I heard Abba speak, “I am your strength. I will go before you and will be with you.” His words silenced all doubt and fear.

The five-day hike is over. Table mountain hasn’t gotten any smaller. The path to the top hasn’t gotten any shorter. One thing has changed: the place from where I see things, from heaven to earth. Looking through God’s lenses doesn’t make the situation change. It simply causes my heart, mind, and spirit to get in line with how He sees things. Whose lenses are you looking through?