She knew

She dressed herself wondering if this would be her last time to decide what to wear or the last time to be before the king.

Would she make it out alive? Or would she lose her life?

Esther had no idea yet one thing was certain in the depths of her heart, the answer to a life changing question, “And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”

She knew…I know. I know this time is my time. The season of joy is here! It has been created for me to no longer remain silent but bring relief, deliverance, and freedom to my Abba’s beloved daughters all over the world.

I go not by myself but with an amazing team of powerhouses who know they have also been brought to a royal position with a purpose: to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor upon women and to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes.

What would happen in a community where there is no more shame, no more disgrace but everlasting joy? What if a women who has lived a life thinking she is worthless now believe she is precious and of great value? Follow me and my team as we travel the world and see our Father’s truth setting women free.


  • Buff

    I like what you’ve done with the place! Lol hope the ministry goes well brother!

    • Dusty Mick Dills

      Thanks, Buff! Love you, buddy!

  • El Jefe

    Well Done Sir! You keep Daniel straight!

    • Dusty Mick Dills

      Thanks! I will surely do my best! Haha

  • Karina

    I am so jealous that you got to see Andrea! Praying for you friend!

  • Dana

    LOVE this:) God is good and he most definitely shows up in ways we never imagine!! Love and prayers buddy<3

  • Carla Clark

    I am so excited to learn what God has shown you throughout the Table Mountain hike. I know there will be many parallels to your Kingdom Journey. One revelation that I had while walking the beach Down Under is that my effectiveness at being a genuine conduit for God’s love to flow through is in direct proportion to my personal experience of actually receiving His love. We can’t give what we haven’t first received. I felt as if the Lord was saying “I know you love me Carla, but do you really and truly know just how much I love you? Stay with me and discover afresh my dear sweet love for you as a daughter and a beloved.” I wonder if it was a revelation of just how much God loved Esther that empowered her to put her life on the line the way she did…knowing that no matter what happened, her Father God would be with her and provide for her…NO MATTER WHAT. As you and your precious team moves out on this Kingdom Journey, I am praying that each of you will discover a fresh level of revelation about the Father’s loving embrace so that you will be continually topped up and refreshed as you pour out the love He has placed in you to these hurting women. I’m so excited to hear what God is showing you. God bless you richly and abundantly. Carla