Hidden for a time

I have been to the mountain and back. Its said and typed so much faster and easily than actually done.

I had no idea what I was committing myself to. If I had known the extent of our hike (aka fully informed myself) I would have missed out on a pilgrimage of a lifetime.

Reality is no one likes pain. But a great story or pilgrimage involves a conflict and a resolution.

The hike was challenging. Along the way I laughed and cried. My flaws and weaknesses were exposed in the most raw way possible. I have come back with no regrets. I have been drawn closer to my Abba through my imperfections.

One of my mountain revelations: Abba Father keeps things “hidden” from us for a time, in order to keep us from robbing ourselves from a great mountain moment with Him.

It was no accident that I failed to do my research on the hike…i would have robbed myself of experiencing His majesty and glory. If you’re frustrated with not knowing the full picture or all the information, don’t fret…simply trust Him. Our Abba knows the beginning to the end.image


  • Super intense blog man. Thanks for sharing this story. It’s hard to believe that so many don’t see an issue with it, praying your friend is forever wrecked and begins to do something about it.

  • Great stuff man, adding the personal bit at the end is great. God will grow that list so much. Make sure you notice Him in the moment, it’s much more impactful than just remembering.

  • kate vander wiede

    hey now, I recognize those pictures 🙂 Missing your face but so glad that you are adventuring, exploring and finding your way!

  • glace

    Neil: thanks for sharing this. It’s awesome. Please tell Colby and Hugh that in addition to my lower back being healed, my upper back which was feeling numb before Spain is feeling a lot better!

  • Helena Jordão

    So good 🙂 keep expecting Him to show up, you’re bringing that home with you!

  • Seth Barnes Jr.

    Thanks for the encouragement to listen to the Spirit leading us to bring healing to a hurting world. Keep it up, man!

  • Carol

    So proud of you my sweet girl!!!

  • That’s a really good revelation! Amazing blog, so happy for what y’all are doing!