What is a Kingdom Journey?

A Kingdom Journey is an opportunity for World Race alumni to walk out their unique callings overseas under a period of apprenticeship after they’ve completed the World Race (in most cases). It is a vehicle for mature and driven leaders to pursue a more specialized calling, mission, or ministry – one that makes them come alive, and allows them to activate their giftings, passions, and calling toward a specific Kingdom purpose.

There are different track options that participants can apply for, each with a specific goal and mission in mind, each requiring a unique set of passions and giftings. Teams dive deep into this purpose full-time on the field, pressing into their callings to begin to learn what it takes to make long term impact. Kingdom Journeys allows participants to step into a period of activation and empowerment, learning how to affect real change.

What do you feel the Lord is calling you to do that is purposeful for His kingdom?

Let’s work together as the body of Christ to “take what the Lord has given us, a unique calling on our lives to bring Kingdom and hope, and entrust it to reliable disciples who will be qualified to teach others” (2 Timothy 2:2).

What will your journey be?