What’s Next?


As a World Race or Gap Year Alumni, you’ve seen and experienced God move first-hand around the world, and now you’re eager to get back out there – eager to continue walking in the ways you’ve grown. You’re hungry for more, and wondering how the journey you’ve already walked fits into the rest of your life.

You long to further discover your specific role in God’s ultimate global mission – the redemption of people from every nation, tribe, people, and tongue.

Over 3 billion people still live without adequate access to the Gospel (Joshua Project). As things stand, the vast majority of these people will die without ever hearing the Gospel in a way they are able to understand and accept. Kingdom Journeys serves as a mid-term launchpad to connect Alumni Racers with the staggering need of the task remaining. It’s an outlet for activation and discovery, equipping alumni to understand how they uniquely fit into the task of bringing fulfillment to the Great Commission.

Imagine yourself and a few other like-minded believers in one of the most unreached places on earth. You have months ahead of you with nothing to do but seek out how the Lord is moving in this region and pursue Him in it. No plans. No obligations. No restrictions. What would you say? What would you do? What all will He show you?

What will your journey be?